Finca El Retiro, Ayarza, Guatemala

Finca El Retiro, Ayarza, Guatemala


Coffees from this region of Guatemala are incredibly complex due to the rich volcanic soil surrounding the crater lake created 20,000 years ago by a large eruption. 

Combined with the ideal climate conditions and altitudes, these beans are sure to yield an interesting cup.

Owner Victor Hugo Martinez is Rainforest Certified, meaning he employs practices that protect the rights of his workers and the environment. This certification ensures he works toward a sustainable farm management system, cost control, gain efficiency, crop quality, and wildlife habitat maintenance.

You'll taste dark chocolate, honey, and walnut. 

You'll like this coffee in pretty much any brewing method: cold brew, or even an espresso. Try a pour over, french press, AeroPress, Chemex, regular electric coffee maker you name it.

This is a coffee with strong character, like the owner of the farm of its origin, Mr. Martinez. 

Roasted locally by Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting.

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