Because business and giving back aren't mutually exclusive. 

We buy coffee from farms around the world that pay fair wages, provide humane working conditions, and practice sustainable farming. Working with these farmers helps to reduce poverty and prevent deforestation. 


Every quarter, we take 10% of profits and reinvest it in local community projects that we care about. We've worked with the Southside Boys and Girls Club in Norfolk, Virginia and Refugee Helpers 757 to support resettled refugees in Hampton Roads. 

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Profits from Norfolk Tribute tin sales will be reinvested back into trackable projects through the The Urban Renewal Center in Norfolk.

Why? Because some states project the number of prison cells that they need to build over the next twenty years based on literacy rates in the third grade.

The initiative Vessel is partnering with is called Impact, and we will be providing ongoing support throughout the school year to kids in Norfolk to expose them to higher education, public service, and career opportunities they may not have had otherwise. The initiative seeks to empower them, to let them dream big, and to invest in the future of our city.

Our Founder

Vessel Craft Coffee founder, Sarah Beth Cowherd, is from Norfolk, VA. Her love for specialty coffee sprung up from a small fertile coffee farm in Matagalpa, Nicaragua that she visited many times as a teenager on Medical Missions Trips. Captivated by the complexities of the combination of the bean, moisture levels, and temperature variations that produce the best coffees in the world, she was hooked. 

Sarah Beth went on to Nursing School at the University of Virginia, and served much of her young twenties as a nurse domestic and abroad, doing missions work around the world. She was always impressed by the variation in the world's coffee choices and flavors. 

Vessel Craft Coffee is a dream to combine the aromatic world of specialty craft coffee from around the world, while at the same time, to bring something of value to the local community in which it exists.

Vessel. Craft Coffee.