We are located in Selden Market in Downtown Norfolk!

Vessel Craft Coffee at Selden Market features a coffee bar with our locally famous Cold Brew on tap, Cold Brew on nitro, drip coffee, and innovative single origin pour-overs.

You can also find bagged coffees from around the world, bottled craft Cold Brew, and coffee brewing equipment (perfect for the novice brewer). Be on the look out for seasonal releases and specialty offerings that you’ve never seen before! 

208 E. Main St. #1 Norfolk VA, 23510. 


Are you a local business owner?

  • We sell coffee directly to local businesses who want not only great tasting coffee, but want to impact the local community through their purchases. With FREE DELIVERY, we will find a schedule that works for you. 

  • We do corporate catering! Would you like locally roasted, freshly brewed hot coffee and mugs for your next big meeting? 

  • We do special events for businesses--pour overs are always a show stopper.